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What is a CCTV System?

A CCTV system allows you to record events for crime prevention and public safety within a commercial or residential setting. In can be an invaluable asset for a number of reasons such as in the event of a staff or customer claim or even a burglary to ascertain an entry point, get away vehicle registration or event o get a exact facial recognition of the perpetrator. CCTV is used in many applications and for many more reasons than that listed above and should be part of any commercial property due to its success rate with helping police apprehend and prosecute thieves.

What Type of CCTV System Do You Need?

We supply, install and lease an array of CCTV systems for your home or business. These include:
  • Stand Alone / Self Monitored – This type of system is what most proper tie will have installed and is as the name suggests a stand alone system. This type of system can have any number of cameras installed and is viewed from the digital video recorder itself (DVR / NVR) or alternatively through your internet browser or mobile phone.
  • Monitored –  A monitored CCTV system is normally used for medium to large commercial sites and is monitored by a central station much like a monitored alarm system. Not only can central station monitor your cctv but they can control PTZ cameras which allow them to pan, tilt and zoom in to images of interest. In addition to the above the operator can download images and content from the DVR/NVR so it is secure in the event of the property being breached and potential damage or theft of the recorder being imminent.

Whats the Difference Between Analog & IP CCTV?

The main difference between analog and IP CCTV is quality. No matter what type of system Fuse supply you are guaranteed quality on every installation as a lot of installers are not trained in CCTV installation and therefore think any camera will do. This is not the case. With IP you can receive full HD images which analog cannot provide. With Full HD quality it is easier to use for identifying purposes and the difference in even the best high resolution analog system is apparent immediately. Please find below a live feed from an HD camera. Note that you can read the street sign clearly across the road. This is the quality you receive using HD.

Webcam demo image
Enlarge View

Try Out a DVR!

Please feel free to try out a DVR that we have as a demo to see the capabilities you could have in your home or business premises. Simply download the following file and install it on your PC. Once installed open the software and enter the password to view. See if you can spot which cameras are analog and which are HD!

Remote CCTV Viewing Software Download

Password: FAFNDB

Why Choose Fuse?

At fuse we offer nothing but quality. We offer the best in technology from the best manufacturers in the industry and all equipment is tried and tested and reliable not to mention compliant with both European & British standards. We pride ourselves on our installation expertise as no matter if its a residential or a commercial CCTV system we install the system whilst considering every aesthetic and engineering viewpoint. Fuse is authorised and approved by the following manufacturers:

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