Fuse Emergency Lighting installer Craigavon

Fuse Emergency Lighting installer Craigavon

Fuse systems have been installing emergency lighting in commercial properties across Northern Ireland by our industry approved engineers for more than 10 years with all work certified to British standards

Why is Emergency Lighting important?

Emergency Lighting installer CraigavonEmergency lighting installation is required in buildings for the purpose of providing light if normal lighting fails during a fire.

All businesses in Northern Ireland are legally required to provide and maintain adequate levels of emergency lighting to ensure the safe evacuation of the premises in the event of a fire or emergency.

Because of the importance of emergency lighting in a business premise, our engineers are trained in all of the relevant British Standards, so you can feel confident that you’re left fire-safety compliant.

Where do I need emergency lighting?

Escape Routes:

Escape route lighting illuminates exist routes and exit doors to help occupants find their way out of a building safely in the event of an emergency.

Open areas:

Open area lighting is normally located across the build in order to direct occupants safely to the nearest fire exist.

How Fuse emergency lighting installer Craigavon can help you:

  • Installation of New Emergency Lighting Systems
  • Upgrades of Existing Emergency Lighting Systems
  • Emergency Lighting Compliance Surveys to BS 5266
  • Replacement of Damaged and Non Functional Units
  • Installation of Test Switches for Monthly Occupier Testing
  • Servicing of existing equipment – Required Bi-Annually
  • Certificate of Testing on Completion

Why Choose Fuse? 

  • We pride ourselves on having Excellent customer service
  • We provide a FREE, no obligation survey, and quotes
  • Fuse engineers are fire industry approved
  • All work is certified to British standards
  • All new installations are guaranteed for 12 month
  • We provide 24/7 Support
  • Price match any of our competitors

If you would like a free site visit & no obligation quote for a new installation or upgrade please contact us on 02891 621 001 or email us at info@fusesystems.co.uk