How do I Setup a New Site using Hikvision App??

Its very simple to setup a new site on an existing phone or tablet or to setup a site for a new app user. There are some key pieces of information you will need before you begin. First you will need to download the app from The Apple Store is your device is an apple device or The Play Store if your devices runs an android platform.

Go to the store that relevant to your device and search “Hikvision IMVS4500”. Once you find the correct version download to your device. Once downloaded you are ready to open the app and begin entering your site information. Open your app and select the current geographic region from the list and press enter

Once loaded use the icon on the top left corner to access menus. Select Devices and once opened you will notice a default site is already loaded (normally named china). Select this site first of all and once loaded use the pen icon on the top right corner of the app to edit the details entered. When in edit mode start to work through the selections

Name – Eneter a Site Name you will remember or associate with that site if you have multiple sites
Register Mode – Fuse use either HiDDNS or IP/Domain services. Please contact us if you require this data.
Device Domain