Security Lighting

What is Security Lighting?

Security Lighting can be a valuable asset to your existing security systems as it is not only a deterrent but when integrated with other systems from Fuse such as our burglar alarms, smart home systems or CCTV it can become much more than just a deterrent. Fuse can integrate systems to make your security lighting come on when you alarm system is activated or even flash on and off. Fuse Systems can provide a consultation, design your system, install and maintain your system. In addition to this we can also maintain and service all access control systems no matter the manufacturer. If interested in arranging a consultation please feel free to contact us.

What Types of Systems are Available?

  • Stand Alone LED Security Lighting – A standalone example of Security Lighting are simple lighting units with built in motion sensors strategically placed around a residential or commercial property which will light when a person walks in front of the sensor.
  • GJD LED Security Lighting – The GJD lighting system is very similar to the above standalone lighting system as it uses separate sensors and lights again strategically located but connected to a central control panel. The benefits to this security lighting system is that it can allow separate lights to be switched on and off without the sensors as well as it can allow the sensors to bleep on the panel to noisy you of movement whilst not operating the lights.
  • Integrated Security Lighting – An integrated security lighting system consists of stand lone lights which can be controlled by other systems we install such as our Elan smart home system, burglar alarm system or even detector activated CCTV.

Why Choose Fuse?

At fuse we offer nothing but quality. Being an Approved Security Lighting System Installer we offer the best in technology from the best manufacturers in the industry and all equipment is tried and tested and reliable not to mention compliant with both European & British standards. We pride ourselves on our installation expertise as no matter if its a residential house alarm or a commercial security system we install the system whilst considering every aesthetic and engineering viewpoint.


Security Lighting,
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