Keep your items secure with safes & cabinets

Designed to protect a variety of valuable items within a range of environments, our Security Safes are built to the highest manufacturing standards.

We cater to private and commercial clients and supply safes for money, documents, jewelry, and larger items like power tools.

All of our security safes are capable of preventing forced entry. If interested in arranging a consultation please feel free to contact us.

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Safes & cabinets we offer:

Vault Security Safes

For the safekeeping of cash and other small valuables for personal and light commercial use. Our vaults can be fully integrated into your current security system and are available with a range of options to suit a variety of needs and environments.

Euro Grade Safes

Tried and independently tested our Euro Grade safes are constructed from solid steel and fitted with steel sliding bolts and a single security key lock. These excellent and reliable safes come in a range of sizes and with a variety of locking options.

Underfloor Security Safes

Providing concealed security of valuable items for personal or commercial use at affordable prices. Available in a range of sizes, our underfloor safes comply with European standards and Insurance company requirements.

DIY Safes

An ideal choice for domestic use, our DIY safes can be surface mounted or positioned beneath a suspended floor. Easy to fit and available in a range of sizes and with a variety of locking options.

Deposit Safes

A discreet safe for depositing cash, keys and other valuable items, without the need for keys or codes. Our Deposit safes are a flexible option for the workplace.

Gun Safes

Manufactured to exceed the UK requirement for firearms storage, these cabinets offer maximum protection from dangers of theft or misuse.

Steel Stor

Utilising the same manufacturing processes as used for the Steel Sore range, Secure Stor is constructed from lighter weight materials, making them ideal for upper floor installations. Fully tested and certified to EN 14450 S1 by VdS in Germany it offers a £2,000 cash rating and £20,000 valuables rating.

Medical Storage

Our range of Medical Cabinets is designed to provide you with a medicine cabinet that will suit all needs. The ‘Bronze Level’ Medical Cabinet is suitable for storing general First Aid items whilst the ‘Silver & Gold’ Medicine cabinets are perfect for controlled drugs that are governed by the Home Office Drugs Inspectorate direction of control.

Fire Stor

This model comes complete with a Vds approved safety lock and five heavy-duty round bolts for that extra piece of mind. The perfect defense against both fire and forced entry.