4G Mobile Broadband Installation Northern Ireland

Superfast 4g Broadband

Installing Superfast 4g Mobile Broadband to Rural Properties Across Northern Ireland.

In today’s digital age, a fast reliable broadband connection is essential for everyday life, from working and studying from home to keeping up with the latest streaming and smart home services of modern life.

For businesses, a reliable internet connection is vital to promote products and services, collect payments and to communicate with customers globally.

In most cases, both homes and businesses are able to receive fast reliable broadband but some rural areas of Northern Ireland are still without a fast reliable internet connection.

Our focus is on delivering superfast 4g broadband to rural areas across Northern Ireland, give us a call or request a call back today.

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Terms & Conditions

How we can help?

No Broadband Available

Your area currently doesn’t offer a fast or reliable broadband connection.

Broadband is to Slow

The broadband available in your area is slow and unreliable.

You need temporary 4g broadband

You need a fast temporary 4g broadband solution for your business, event or mobile home.

4g broadband Installation Northern Ireland

What we can offer

  • Superfast 4g Broadband Router
  • Ultra-High Gain External 4G Antenna
  • Choose or provide your own SIM card
  • Quick Setup & Installation
  • No landline required


Disclaimer: Mobile providers do not guarantee their speeds however we guarantee to get you the fastest speed possible at the time of installation

4g Broadband Installation Process

Signal & Speed Survey

We will send a fully qualified engineer to check which mobile phone network provides the strongest signal and the speeds you can expect to achieve in your area. – Survey charges start from £99.00 depending on your area.

Setup & Installation

Once our engineer has identified the strongest and fastest mobile phone network in your area we can then arrange an installation date!

Service goes live

Our 4g internet connection will be live by the time our engineer leaves your premises.