Smoke Screen systems

Smoke Screen systems

An anti-theft system that deters criminals

Smoke screen systems is a powerful security fogging solution that reduces Theft, deters criminals and protects your property in the event of a break-in.

Smoke screen systems are an anti-theft device that fills the room or property with safe, harmless smoke that will disorientate criminals by obscuring their vision making it impossible for the intruder to see.

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Can’t See It, Can’t Steal It

Smoke screens are effective in deterring thieves because it prevents criminals from acting fast by shocking and confusing the burglar.

The fog that is released won’t damage furniture or leave any residue, the fog solution is safe and won’t cause any harm to the intruder except obscure their vision.

A smoke screen system is a great addition to a burglar alarm but can prevent CCTV from recording the instance, however, if the burglar can’t see anything, they can’t steal anything valuable.

Smoke screens are perfect for businesses that stock valuable items like jewelry, hold large amounts of cash such as banks or pharmacies that hold prescribed medication.

Smoke screen in action