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Intruder Alarms

Specialists in domestic & commercial intruder alarms  

Fuse systems are one of the leading security companies in Northern Ireland that specialise in installing and maintaining intruder alarms for both residential and commercial properties across the UK and Ireland.

A burglar alarm is the first line of defense in protecting your home or business premises against criminals as it’s usually enough to deter criminals from breaking into your property.

Our team of certified engineers are experts in an array of different security systems and will determine the most suitable intruder alarm system for your property. Our team will quote, install and maintain your burglar alarm providing you with a tailored package to fit your requirements.

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Intruder alarms systems:

Bells Only

A bells only system is a simplified intruder alarm that when triggered sounds an alarm for 15 minutes when an intruder has entered or is trying to enter the premises. This system will alert people in the surrounding area or potential police in the area.   

Smart Alarm

A home security system that communicates with a secure app that is installed on your smartphone, tablet or PC. A smart alarm relies on a wifi connection to operate and connects to your broadband router. The benefits of a smart alarm are that they can be set-up wirelessly to give you the ability to monitor the alarm remotely.

GSM Dialler

GSM dialers rely on mobile phone networks and text messages to communicate. The GSM dialer requires a sim card, which is then connected to the alarm systems. The dialer can be programmed to transmit an alert by voice or text message depending on your preference. This will alert you to any potential break-ins and will allow you to reset the system remotely in the event of a false alarm.   


Monitored intruder alarm system is an alarm transmission solution which is monitored 24/7 alarm receiving center (ARC) when an alarm is triggered the center responds by calling keyholders and the local police. This security system implemented mostly by commercial premises but can also be beneficial for residential properties too depending on your requirements.  

Police Response

A police response alarm is similar to a monitored alarm system except it will signal a 24/7 police response center and police will be dispatched to the property when an alarm is triggered. However, to qualify for a police response system in the UK it must be up to all current BS & EN standards and also comply with the current ACPO PD6662 standard.

Intruder Alarm Brands


Honeywell | Pyronix | Risco | Eaton | Visonic

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Why Fuse systems?

We are world class in Security, Fire, Automation & Audio/Visual solutions. We focus on providing an unrivaled service and strive to always meet customers expectations by providing a tailored package to fit your requirements.

Our team has a combined experience of more than 30 years with all our engineers being compliant with both European & British standards, this means we only use the best equipment on the market so you can be confident in any solution we offer.

We work with both residential and commercial clients across the UK and Ireland covering a wide area of Northern Ireland including Bangor, Newtownards, Holywood, Belfast, Lisburn or anywhere in the surrounding areas.

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