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Security Turnstile Installation

Access control is an essential component to protecting your commercial office, industrial site or construction site.

Security turnstiles can protect your facility by controlling the access to only authorised personnel, this greatly reduces unauthorised entry, theft, and vandalism.

Our full-height turnstiles only allow access to one person at a time, this greatly increases security and improves crowd control.

Turnstiles can be operated manually, via chip and pin cards or automatically, they can also be fully integrated with CCTV depending on the level of security your facility requires.

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Benefits of Turnstile Secured Entry Points

Enhanced Security

Turnstile-secured entry points provide a physical barrier that effectively prevents unauthorised access, reducing the risk of intrusions and ensuring that only authorised individuals can enter a restricted area.

Improved Access Control

Integrating turnstiles with access control systems such as keycards, biometric authentication, or facial recognition, can allow for precise control over who can enter specific areas. This helps in restricting access to authorised personnel and maintaining a secure environment.

Efficient Traffic Management

Turnstiles facilitate smooth and organised pedestrian flow by allowing only one person to pass through at a time. This helps in managing high foot traffic areas, such as stadiums, airports, or train stations, ensuring orderly entry and exit while minimizing congestion and bottlenecks.

Security Turnstile Installation Belfast

Turnstile Installation

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