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Installing and repairing Burglar Alarms across Belfast and throughout Northern Ireland for 10+ years.

In a world where security should never be left to chance, our dedicated services in burglar alarm systems stand as a beacon of reliability for homes and businesses throughout Belfast and Northern Ireland. We pride ourselves on providing bespoke security solutions that are carefully crafted to each client’s specific needs.

Our expertise is not just in offering state-of-the-art alarm systems but also in ensuring they are installed with the utmost precision and care. 

Whether you are considering a new burglar alarm installation, seeking to upgrade your existing system, or in need of prompt repair services, we are ready to respond with efficiency and effectiveness.

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Our Burglar Alarm Services


Burglar Alarm Installation

Utilising the very latest burglar alarm technology, we can provide and install a bespoke burglar alarm system for your home or business.

Our installation service includes a comprehensive 12-month warranty with excellent aftercare support, including emergency call-outs and free technical support by phone.

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Burglar Alarm Repairs

Burglar alarms can become faulty over time if they are not regularly serviced, which can lead to false alarms or undetected break-ins.

As an SSAIB registered alarm company, we can repair your burglar alarm system even if it wasn’t installed by us, with all replacement parts including a 12-month guarantee.

No matter the brand, model or system, our experienced engineers can detect and rectify any faults before leaving your property.

Our Burglar Alarm Systems

As a leading Burglar Alarm Installer located in Belfast Northern Ireland we can offer a wide selection of alarm systems to fit your requirements and budget.

Bell Only Systems

A bells only alarm is a classic simplified intruder alarm system, the alarm system works by making a loud noise with the goal of alerting people nearby such as your neighbors, when triggered the alarm will sound for 15 mins.

Smart Alarm Systems

Smart alarms can connect to your smartphone or tablet allowing you to monitor and control the burglar alarm remotely through a secure mobile app. The app also allows you to connect additional services like a CCTV system or security lighting.


Monitored Alarms

Monitored intruder alarm systems will notify you or a key holder if the alarm is triggered. When the alarm is triggered a dedicated company known as an alarm receiving center (ARC) will call you or a keyholder to alert you of the potential entry.

Police Response Alarm

Police response alarms are similar to a monitored alarm system but instead of the alarm receiving centre (ARC) the alert will be sent to the local police station who will be dispatched to the property, this is typically used for commercial properties.

Home and Business Solutions

We offer a range of high-quality wired and wireless alarm systems for both homes and businesses across Belfast and throughout Northern Ireland.

Home Alarm Systems

Home alarms have become a standard form of protection for many homeowners across Belfast and throughout Northern Ireland. Year on year we have installed hundreds of alarm systems, our team will help you in choosing the right solution for your home based on your budget.

Business Alarm Systems

Burglar alarms are no longer a luxurary but essential in protecting your business from being targeted by criminals, it’s been proven that a burglar alarm can reduce the likelihood of your business being a victim of crime.