Burglar Alarm Installers Belfast

Burglar alarm installers Belfast

Burglar alarm installers Belfast company Fuse Systems is one of leading security companies located in Northern Ireland that specialises in installation and the maintenance of intruder alarms for both the domestic and commercial sectors across the UK and Ireland.

We take pride in being able to service home and business clients, we set ourselves apart by providing only high-quality alarms and tailoring each project to a customer’s specific requirements.

We always strive to exceed customers expectations in terms of standards by providing a quality service that sets us apart from our competition.

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Burglar alarm security you can trust

Burglar alarm systems

Bells only Alarm

A bells only alarm is a classic simplified intruder alarm system, the alarm system works by making a loud noise with the goal of alerting people nearby such as your neighbors when triggered the alarm will sound for 15 mins relying on someone alerting the police.

Smart alarms

A smart alarm can connect to your smartphone or tablet allowing you to monitor and control the burglar alarm remotely through a secure mobile app. The app also allows you to connect additional services like a CCTV system or security lighting.

GSM Dialler Alarms

A GSM dialler security alarm relies on a mobile sim card which uses works mobile signals when the alarm is triggered it will attempt to alert the owner or the nominated person, for the burglar alarm to work effectively requires the sim card to be active and a strong single to alert you of any suspicious entry.

Monitored Alarms

A monitored intruder alarm system will notify you or a key holder if the alarm is triggered. When the alarm is triggered a dedicated company known as an alarm receiving center (ARC) that will call you or a keyholder to alert you of the potential entry.

Police response Alarm 

A police response alarm is similar to a monitored alarm system but instead, the alarm receiving center (ARC) will alert the local police of the entry and police will be dispatched to the property, this is typically used more in the commercial sector.

Detect and deter criminals from your home or business

Home Burglar Alarms System

It’s common for many homes across Belfast and throughout Northern Ireland to have an intruder alarm system installed. We currently install and maintain alarm systems in homes at an affordable cost, our team of engineers will help you in choosing the right solution for your home based on your budget.

Business Intruder Alarms System

If you have a business you then you will understand that having a burglar alarm system is a smart decision as companies every year are targeted by criminals, by having a burglar alarm system visible it can be enough to deter criminals from targeting your business.

How do you know which Burglar Alarm Security is Right for You?


Burglar alarm installers Belfast company Fuse systems understand it can be overwhelming when it comes to choosing the right burglar alarm system for your home or business.

However, our team of engineers is available to help you as a homeowner or business owner choose the right solution for your home or business.

Our engineer will first provide a free survey of your home or business premises and present you with the best solution that meets your needs and budget.