Voice alarm systems

Voice Alarm Systems

Voice alarm systems also referred to as a Voice Evacuation system are installed for the purpose of evacuating a building safely, they assist in evacuating large public buildings by presenting clear instructions on how to evacuate the building in the event of a fire, bomb alert or other emergencies.

Voice Evacuation system is typically installed in offices, factories, warehouses, shops, sports stadiums, cinemas, theatres, schools, and public buildings.

Voice evacuation is more effective in an emergency than a traditional sounding bell as not only does it provide a warning but indicates the nature of the emergency and instructions on how to evacuate the building.

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Voice alarm benefits

Broadcasting public announcements

Voice alarm systems can also be used to broadcast public announcements which are common for retail outlets, this is usually a pre-recorded message that indicates opening/closing times of the center.

Fire alarm integration

A Voice alarm system is usually integrated with your fire alarm system depending on your building specification and requirements, by integrating both systems it will ensure that voice evacuation is broadcasted when a fire alarm is triggered.

If you are not sure what system you currently have or need, we are happy to advise.

Voice Alarm Systems