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Access Control Systems

Protect your assets and create a safe environment for employees and visitors by controling and regulating access to your building.

An access control system plays a crucial role in managing and overseeing entry to buildings or specific areas, ensuring only authorised individuals gain access.

These systems are adaptable, providing substantial benefits to both domestic and commercial clients, and enhancing security in homes and business premises alike.

Our range of access control solutions is extensive, encompassing intercom systems, keypads, swipe cards, automated gates, automatic doors, and turnstile systems, to name just a few. Each is tailored to meet your unique security needs effectively.

Access control is also a great security addition to having an Intruder alarm and CCTV system adding that extra layer of security.


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Our Access Control Services

Our Access Control Services are all about keeping your space safe and sound. Whether it’s a fresh installation or regular maintenance, we’ve got you covered with solutions that fit just right for your needs.


Our Access Control Design service focuses on creating bespoke security solutions. We understand each site has unique requirements, and our approach is to craft a system that aligns perfectly with your needs. Our expertise ensures a balance between robust security and ease of use, providing a seamless integration into your existing infrastructure.


Our Access Control Installation service provides a seamless and efficient setup of your security system. Our experienced team ensures a smooth integration into your premises, focusing on a tailored approach that meets your specific needs. We guarantee a reliable and user-friendly access control system, enhancing the safety of your space.


Our Access Control Upgrades service is dedicated to enhancing your existing security systems. We assess your current setup and recommend improvements to ensure it meets the latest standards and your evolving needs. Our team efficiently integrates advanced features, ensuring your access control system remains robust, user-friendly, and up-to-date.


Our Access Control Servicing and Maintenance program is designed to keep your security system functioning optimally. Regular checks and prompt repairs by our skilled team ensure your access control remains reliable and effective. We focus on preventative maintenance to minimise downtime, ensuring continuous protection for your premises.

Our Range of Access Control Systems

Our range of Access Control Systems has something for every security need, whether it’s for a small office or a large networked facility. We’ve got easy-to-use Stand-alone systems and comprehensive Networked options to keep your space safe and sound.
Access Control Belfast

Stand-alone access control

Our Stand-alone Access Control Systems are designed to manage access for one or several individual doors. These systems typically use a secure PIN or code entered on a keypad, or a swipe card reader, to control entry efficiently and effectively.
Access Control Belfast

Networked access control

Our Networked Access Control Systems provide an integrated solution for managing multiple doors and entry points across a site. These systems enable centralised control, facilitating streamlined monitoring and management of access permissions from a single platform, enhancing security co-ordination and efficiency.

Benefits of Access Control 

Access Control Belfast

Increased security

Access control can greatly increase security with the ability to control and restrict access to a building or room, providing access to only authorised people.

Access Control Belfast

Adjustable Access levels

Access control gives you the ability to downgrade or increase individuals access throughout a building at any time or provide temporary access to visitors.


Access Control Belfast

Record Movement

Access control provides the ability to record the movement of an authorised individuals throughout the building.

Access Control Belfast

Multi-Location Access

Many large organisation and government facilities have multiple locations. Implementing access control systems will allow for easy access management for individual that have to visit more than one location without any issue.