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Disabled Refuge Systems

Supporting mobility and enhancing safety across Belfast and throughout Northern Ireland for over a decade.

A Disabled Refuge System is a critical component of building safety infrastructure designed to facilitate the evacuation of individuals with disabilities during emergencies. Consisting of strategically located fire refuge points equipped with communication devices, these systems enable clear communication between building occupants and emergency personnel.

Our Disabled Refuge Systems are designed to create a safe space for individuals who may find it difficult to exit a building quickly during an emergency and are compliant with all relevant safety standards.

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Our Disabled Refuge Services


If your premises currently lacks a disabled refuge point, our installation service is the perfect solution to enhance accessibility and safety. Our knowledgeable team will not only install the necessary refuge points but also offer expert guidance on their optimal placement within key areas of your building. By strategically implementing these points, we ensure that individuals with disabilities have reliable communication and support during emergencies, creating a more inclusive and secure environment for all occupants.


Ensure the continuous functionality of your disabled refuge points with our maintenance service. If you already have refuge points in place, our expert team offers regular inspections, testing, and upkeep to guarantee their reliability. We understand the critical role these points play in emergency situations, and our dedicated approach ensures that they remain fully operational. By entrusting us with your disabled refuge point maintenance, you’re investing in the safety and peace of mind of all occupants in your building.


Experience heightened safety through our disabled refuge point upgrades. If your current system needs enhancement, our skilled team offers tailored solutions. From advanced communication devices to smart integration, we ensure your refuge points are modern and effective in emergency situations.


Restore full functionality with our disabled refuge point repair service. If your system encounters issues, our capable team can quickly diagnoses and fix the problems, ensuring seamless communication during emergencies.