Emergency Lighting

Emergency Lighting

Emergency lighting is a legal requirement that is installed in key locations throughout communal residential buildings and commercial buildings to ensure safe passage from the building upon an outbreak of fire or in the instance of any other mass evacuation requirement.

Design, Installation, and Maintenance of Emergency Lighting Systems must be carried out in accordance with BS 5266 to ensure compliance.

Ensure that if you require an emergency lighting installation or maintenance to be carried out on a system that it is Fuse that carries out works.

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Emergency Lighting Installation & Periodic Testing

We can install emergency lighting for your rental property or commercial premises regardless of size.

We have the expertise and design knowledge in which to specify and install to all relevant British Standards.

In relation to periodic testing and certification. It is a requirement to ensure that your emergency lighting is working properly and this is normally done every 12 months.

Give us a call if you would like to discuss your emergency lighting requirements.

Emergency Lighting