Anti-theft tagging systems

EAS Detection Systems

We have been installing and repairing EAS detection systems across Belfast and throughout Northern Ireland for 10+ Years.

Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) Detection Systems are essential tools for your retail security.

These systems help you prevent theft by detecting security tags attached to your merchandise. When a tagged item passes through the detection zone, an alarm alerts your store personnel.

EAS systems are crucial for reducing your inventory loss, ensuring a safer shopping environment, and protecting your business profits. They offer an effective, reliable solution for your retail theft prevention needs.

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Our EAS Detection Systems Services

We offer a range of EAS Detection System services to meet your retail security needs. Our services include professional installation, reliable repair, expert consultation, and regular maintenance, ensuring your store remains secure and your system operates efficiently.


We offer comprehensive installation services for EAS Detection Systems. Our team conducts a thorough site survey to determine the best setup for your store. We install systems at various entry and exit points, including sliding doors, swinging doors, and revolving doors. Each installation is tailored to fit your store’s layout and specific needs, ensuring optimal performance and minimal disruption to your operations.


If your EAS system experiences issues, our repair services are here to help. We address a wide range of problems, including faulty sensors, damaged pedestals, and malfunctioning alarms. Our technicians are skilled in diagnosing and fixing issues quickly to minimise downtime and ensure your store remains secure.


Our consultation services provide expert guidance on EAS system implementation. We conduct security assessments to understand your specific needs and challenges. Based on this analysis, we offer custom system design and planning, ensuring your EAS setup is efficient and effective. Our tailored solutions help you maximise security and streamline operations.

Maintenance Plans

Regular maintenance is crucial to keeping your EAS system running smoothly. Our maintenance plans include routine checks, system updates, and performance optimisations. By identifying and addressing potential issues early, we help you avoid costly repairs and ensure your system continues to protect your store effectively. Our plans are designed to provide peace of mind and long-term reliability.