Intercom systems

Intercom Systems

Door Entry Security Specialists

Fuse systems are specialists at installing, maintaining and repairing door entry systems, we have years of experience in providing intercom systems on multiple types of premises across the UK, Ireland, and Northern Ireland.

Intercom systems are an effective way to restrict access to a building and are commonly used on apartments, private residence or at a business premise.

Intercom systems add a layer of security to your property by allowing you to identify an individual before permitting or denying access to the building.

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Intercom systems options

Audio entry system

The most common entry system is an audio-only system, this works by an individual pressing a button on the intercom system to gain access to the building and access is denied or granted through voice only.

Video & audio entry system

Video and audio is an entry system that we recommend as it’s the most secure way to identify and permit access to an individual as you can easily see and identify the caller through a high definition video link.