Intercom systems

Intercom Systems

Are you seeking a reliable solution for your communication and security needs? Intercom systems are your answer. These systems, integral in modern security and communication, offer a seamless way to connect various parts of a property, be it a home, office, or larger commercial space.

At our core, we specialise in providing top-tier intercom systems services. Our expertise spans across the design, installation, repair, upgrades, and thorough maintenance of these systems. Whether you’re installing a new system, looking to enhance an existing setup, or in need of prompt repairs, we can help ensure your intercom system functions flawlessly and meets your specific requirements.

Our commitment is to offer not just services, but solutions that are tailored to your unique needs, ensuring safety, efficiency, and ease of communication.

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Intercom systems options

Audio Entry System

The most common entry system is an audio-only system, this works by an individual pressing a button on the intercom system to gain access to the building and access is denied or granted through voice only.

Video & Audio Entry System

Video and audio is an entry system that we recommend as it’s the most secure way to identify and permit access to an individual as you can easily see and identify the caller through a high definition video link.