Car Park Barriers

Car Park Barriers

Make car park management easier

Fuse systems supply and install car parking barriers, automatic barriers or traffic barriers that are suitable for busy parking areas to help manage traffic flow more effectively.

We take pride in only supplying and installing the best automation equipment available from well-known manufacturers such as CAME to ensure reliability & quality assurance.

Our barriers are fast & reliable providing fast opening and closing times throughout the day ensuring effective traffic flow during busy times.

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Traffic barrier options

Fuse systems have installed car park barriers all over the Northern Ireland at a variety of different sites, but not limited to:

  • Commercial parking areas
  • Staff parking areas
  • Shopping centre parking areas
  • Public & private parking areas

If you are looking for a better way to secure and manage your car parking spaces our car parking barriers, automatic barriers or traffic barriers are the best solution.

Note: Car park barriers are intended to manage traffic flow at public or private car parks not necessarily to provide security. If your goal is to increase security at your location then we would recommend you to consider rising bollards that are designed with security in mind.

Car Park Barriers