Smart Home System Installers Northern Ireland

What is a Smart Home System?

Elan is a simple but very smart way in which you can control many systems within your home including heating, lighting, security, entertainment and much much more!
Switching the lights off when you leave home, warming up the home before you get home from work, checking your security camera’s while on holiday and even opening all of the blinds in the morning can all be configured and controlled using the Elan Smart Home System.
The Elan Smart Home System can be manually controlled or our trained engineers using a multitude of sense inputs or outputs can automate procedures based on your requirements. An example of this automation could be in the instance of lighting coming on when its sunset or exterior lighting coming on in the event of your burglar alarm activating. The possibilities are endless with Fuse’s Smart Home design expertise.


How Do I Control My Home?

There are 3 main user friendly interfaces that allow users to use the system. These stylish pieces of hardware have been designed with user friendliness and ergonomics in mind.
  • Wall Mounted Touch Screen – This stylish sleek wall mounted flat panel allows you to control your smart home system from any room in the house and gives you a large format user interface which is easy to see and easy to use.
  • Hand Held Remote Control – The HR2 is a compact multi platform control device which like the flat panel has a small touch screen integration and in addition to this it has been designed to replicate a more conventional remote control
  • Smart Phone Application – Controlling the Elan Smart Home System from your mobile device or tablet is as user friendly as any of the other control methods as the user platform is exactly the same throughout giving you a seamless and extremely familiar platform in which to utilise your system. Available on iPhone & Android platforms


Tell Me More!

We could tell you everything about Elan and how it works but we thought we’d show you instead as it really is amazing! Hopefully this showcases the capabilities of the Elan Home Control System more than we can show you using the written word.



Why Choose Fuse?

At fuse we offer nothing but quality. We offer the best in technology from the best manufacturers in the industry and all equipment is tried and tested and reliable not to mention compliant with both European & British standards. We pride ourselves on our installation expertise as no matter if its a residential home automation system or a commercial system we install the system whilst considering every aesthetic and engineering viewpoint. Fuse is authorised and approved by the following manufacturers:

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