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LED Message Boards

What are LED Message Boards?

Fuse supply a range of LED message boards to customers across Northern and Southern Ireland. Our boards cane be made to nearly any size and we can also supply prefabricated signs for convenience. Our LED message boards can be made using a range of colours of LED including blue, orange, white, green and not to mention the favourite red. If you wish to really make life easier our LED message boards can even have a WIFI unit built in which allows the user to upload new content easily and wirelessly.

Need and outdoor LED message board?? Look no further and choose one of Fuses IP rated LED message boards. Our outdoor LED message boards are fully IP65 rated and can help your business stand out from the crowd and communicate key information about your business.

Whats the Benefits of having an LED Message Board?

  • Increased Awareness – One main advantage of having an LED Message board fitted is that it most definitely increase awareness as most people can’t help themselves but look at the screen and if strategically placed can have a very high success rate.
  • Increased Sales –  A lot of marketing that businesses do is lost in translation and LED message boards are a good way to increase sales because of their visibility they can convey those special deals or product lines you really want to push. They can be used in your reception area to advertise to existing customers or visitors, in a retailers window, doctors waiting room. If we use one of our outdoor LED message boards you can advertise to passers by or vehicular traffic.

Why Choose Fuse?

At fuse we offer nothing but quality. We offer the best in technology from the best manufacturers in the industry and all equipment is tried and tested and reliable not to mention compliant with both European & British standards. We pride ourselves on our installation expertise as no matter if its a residential or a commercial CCTV system we install the system whilst considering every aesthetic and engineering viewpoint.


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