Fire Safety Systems & Solutions

We provide a dynamic range of fire systems and solutions to protect your home or business. We can provide a complete solution with all-round service from design, supply, installation, and maintenance of the following systems.

Fire Risk Assessment

Fire risk assessment will check your premises or business to ensure your fire safety compliant.

Fire Alarms

Detect and control a fire before it’s to late with a fire alarm system.

Voice alarms

Voice alarms are installed for the purpose of evacuating a building safely and making announcements in the event of an emergency.  

Fire extinguishers

Provide adequate fire safety equipment at your business premises and have the equipment regular serviced and maintained.

Emergency lighting

Emergency lighting can assist with evacuating a building safely in the event of an emergency.

Disabled Refuge

A disabled refuge is a relatively safe area within a building or exit staircase for mobility-impaired occupants.

Disabled toilet alarm

A disabled toilet alarm allows a business to be compliant with the disability discrimination act.