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CCTV Installers Belfast

Providing High Quality CCTV Across Belfast and Throughout Northern Ireland for 10+ Years.

We are a professional CCTV installer based in heart of Belfast with over 10+ years experience and hundreds of satisfied customers.

CCTV cameras can significantly reduce your home or business from being targeted by criminals or be used to provide crucial evidence in the event your property is burgled, damaged or vandalised as stated by the Police Service of Northern Ireland (PSNI).

As a registered SSAIB CCTV installer and specialist, we offer CCTV installation, repairs and upgrades with ongoing maintenance services to both residential and commercial clients across Belfast and throughout Northern Ireland.

We combine our expertise with the latest CCTV & video surveillance technology to protect your home, business or property.

Our focus is on delivering high-quality CCTV solutions that are tailored to your requirements and budget.

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CCTV Systems You Can Trust

We have been providing high-definition CCTV across Belfast and throughout Northern Ireland to homes and businesses for 10+ at competitive prices.

Home CCTV Systems

Home CCTV and security systems have become more affordable and accessible than ever before.

We know this because we have installed, repaired and upgraded hundreds of CCTV systems across Belfast and throughout Northern Ireland.

CCTV can provide a great sense of security while deterring criminals from targeting your property as well as lowering your home insurance.

Commercial CCTV Systems

It is recommended by the PSNI that all businesses in Northern Ireland install a CCTV system to deter criminals or assist in providing crucial evidence in the event your business is burgled, damaged or vandalised.

We currently install, repair, upgrade and maintain CCTV system for small, medium and large businesses across Belfast and throughout Northern Ireland.

To discuss how CCTV can benefit your business, please get in touch today for FREE site survey and assessment.

Services we offer

CCTV Installation

Whether you require CCTV for your home or business we can provide high definition CCTV installation at competitive prices across Belfast and throughout Northern Ireland.

CCTV Repairs & Upgrades

We can provide cost-effective repairs and upgrades to outdated existing CCTV systems with more features and capabilities to meet your growing security requirements.

CCTV Service & Maintenance

We offer flexible service plans to ensure any potential faults are identified before they become a problem, protecting you and ensuring your CCTV is compliant and reliable.


Supporting Services

We recommend that all our customers install an intruder alarm system to further improve their security.

CCTV Installers Belfast