Anti-theft tagging systems

Anti-theft tagging systems

Anti-theft and retail security specialists 

Anti-theft tagging systems are a security solution to help prevent and stop theft in retail outlets to ensure your business doesn’t lose money to criminals.

Fuse systems is a leading provider in security tagging across the UK and Ireland. If your retail outlet is not implementing anti-theft tagging systems across its stores you are at risk of losing millions in revenue to criminals and we know this because we have helped countless store owners from losing merchandise to criminals thanks to our anti-theft tagging solutions.

By investing in our Anti-theft tagging systems, your retail outlets will generate more revenue making your business more profitable.

We can supply, install and maintain anti-theft tagging systems tailoring every solution to meet your store security needs.

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Benefits of anti-theft tagging systems

  • Deter theft
  • Allows open display of goods
  • Increases annual revenue
  • Positive return on investment

CCTV and Anti-theft tagging systems

A great addition to a stores Anti-theft plan is the installation of CCTV systems allowing you to not only prevent theft but also provide authorities with evidence of the attempted theft.